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Solicitați eliberarea copiilor Furdui. Trimiteți la Jugendamt scrisoarea de mai jos!
Solicitați eliberarea copiilor Furdui. Trimiteți la Jugendamt scrisoarea de mai jos!
În consultare cu cei apropiați Familiei Furdui am pregătit o scrisoare tip prin care solicităm să fie trimisă prin e-mail de către fiecare cetățean al României și nu numai la Jugendamt. Scrisoarea este în limba engleză. În scrisoare aveți adresele electronice unde puteți trimite scrisoarea. În Subject Line puneți fraza "please release the Furdui Family's children"

Scrisoarea o puteți copia textul de mai jos, faceți paste în e-mail și trimiteți mai departe.

Vă mulțumim!
Peter Costea

Jugendamt des Landkreise
Vogteirstrase 19
29683 Fallingbostel, GERMANY
Tel. 49 5162 970 382
Tel: 49 5162 970 136
Fax: 49 5162 970 99136

Re.: Release the Furdui Family's Children

Dear Jugendamt Officials,

In late April 2021 your office took away from the Furdui Family its seven (7) children. Please release them immediately to the parents.
The children are suffering very much due to the long separation, as do their parents. The taking away of the children was an inhumane act on your part and the continuous separation of the children from their parents is also inhumane. The children have been dispersed and placed in the custody of three (3) different foster families or agencies. This is clearly disproportionate, not in the best interest of the children, and does not serve the superior interest of the family to family integrity.

It is hard to believe that your office has committed this atrocity against an innocent, happy family. This cruel and heartless act must end. Please, once more, let the children immediately go back to their parents.

Importantly, the children have repeatedly expressed a desire to be reunited with one another and with their biological parents. They have expressed this desire numerous times to Jugendamt authorities but have been constantly ignored. The living conditions in which the children live are also degrading and dehumanizing.

We condemn your actions in the strongest possible terms. We will publicize your atrocious act of kidnapping the children in violation of the law and human decency. We will mobilize international public opinion against your office until you release the children.
Please act on our request expeditiously.